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About Us

History of The Prodigy

The Prodigy is the official student newspaper of the University of California, Merced. The Prodigy is a bi-weekly publication serving the UC Merced Community. The Prodigy was founded in the Spring 2006 Semester. After releasing the first issue, the publication did not release again until Fall 2007 when new leadership ensured a monthly publication schedule.

During the Spring 2010 Semester, The Prodigy moved to bi-weekly, and in the Fall 2011 Semester made strives towards becoming weekly with an incremental test of weekly in Fall 2011 & Spring 2012; at the end of these tests the executive board chose to remain bi-weekly and crafted strategies for moving to weekly in the future.. In January 2012, UC Merced Campus administration granted The Prodigy invaluable newsroom space. The Prodigy launched this website in July 2011 with the help of UC Merced's IT Department and the newspaper's first Website Editor.

The Prodigy is a pillar of the UC Merced Campus Community, by serving as a community record.

The UC Merced Office of Communications published a feature story about the founding of The Prodigy; click here to read more.

The Prodigy Newsroom is located at the Tri-College Center on the Merced Community College Campus: G st & Mercy Ave; accross from Mercy Medical Center.

Executive Board

Editor-In-Chief: Emma Tkachuk

Business Manager: Sarina deSousa

Managing Editor: Adrian Toscano

Layout Editor: Breanne Orey

Photography Editor: Emery Silberman

Copy Editor: Sierra Williams

News Editor: Allie Teaze

Website Editor: Manuel Perez

Advertisement Manager: Marko Zivanovic

Opinion Editor: Jasmine Ng